The Film

Based upon the mythological themes of the Celtic legend of Johnny Croy and the Mermaid, ‘Rain for Morgan’ was written by Melbourne-based actor Fleur Murphy. The film was shot on location in Yabba North, Victoria, Australia, using some of Melbourne’s best up-and-coming film talent, including actors Geordie Taylor, Erin Dewar, and Fleur herself in the title role. The film combines stunning visuals with time-lapse footage and underwater photography to create a world that balances precariously on the edge of reality and fantasy.

An entirely self-funded venture, the film was produced with assistance from Melbourne-basedproduction company Ready to Roll, who have previously specialised in comedy-based corporate videos.  Producer Marisa Brown makes her directorial debut with this film, with editor/ colourist Chris Tomkins making his first foray into the role of Director of Photography.

Whilst many of the crewmembers were newcomers to the world narrative film, all had honed their skills in other fields, such as fashion design, radio, theatre, TV news, corporate videos and TVCs. Many established film professionals were so impressed by the quality of the rushes that they donated post-production support for free, including Melbourne sound-mixing studio Soundwaves (the sound studio behind the Oscar-winning short Harvie Krumpet).

‘Rain for Morgan’ was filmed across a variety of locations in Victoria, including eight days at an abandoned farmhouse in Yabba North, a day on the coast of Wonthaggi, and a day in an underwater filming tank in Ballarat. It is only with the kind and generous support of a number of individuals and organizations across Victoria that we have been able to make the film happen, and we are extremely grateful for the assistance we have received.

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The Filmmakers: Jerky Cat

‘Rain for Morgan’ is the first creative collaboration between Fleur Murphy, Marisa Brown and Chris Tomkins. Inspired by the story of Johnny Croy and the Mermaid, Fleur had been developing ‘Rain for Morgan’ for some years before being introduced to Marisa and Chris through mutual friend Erin Dewar, an actress who had worked with them on various corporate videos. After recruiting a cast and crew eager to expand their experience in short film, the team embarked upon an adventure that would take them to the wide plains of Shepparton, the freezing beaches of Wonthaggi, and saw Fleur finally conquer her fear of swimming. Whilst being a steep learning curve, ‘Rain for Morgan’ has been an amazing experience, and will undoubtedly lead to future collaborations between the Morgan team.

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